The science says ban soft drinks in schools, but the FDA support profits, not health

The science says ban soft drinks in schools, but the FDA support profits, not health

Kudos to doctors for pushing to ban soft drinks and fruit drinks in schools. It''s just one way to combat rising childhood obesity, and it will surely help these children maintain healthy body weights as adults (it''s much harder to lose weight as an adult if you were obese as a child). This is a clear case of standing up for science over industry profits, but don''t be fooled: at the federal level, the FDA, which regulates foods and beverages in schools, has no such neutrality. In fact, it is currently under tremendous pressure to protect industry profits. That''s the only reason why a soft drink ban hasn''t happened sooner: the soft drink lobby is very powerful in Washington, and many current FDA employees come straight from the food and beverage industry.

Having soft drinks in schools is bad for childrens'' health, bad for their education, and ultimately bad for the entire nation. We would all do well to support this ban and tell soft drinks companies to peddle their disease-promoting products somewhere else. Keep our kids safe.

Rest assured, the FDA will only agree to this ban as a last resort, and under great protest from beverage manufacturers and even some schools who rely on junk food revenues to raise money.

About the author:
Author Mike Adams is a holistic nutritionist with over 4,000 hours of study on nutrition, wellness, food toxicology and the true causes of disease and health. He is well versed on nutritional and lifestyle therapies for weight loss and disease prevention / reversal. View Adams'' health statistics showing LDL cholesterol of 67 and outstanding blood chemistry. Adams uses no prescription drugs whatsoever and relies exclusively on natural health, nutrition and exercise to achieve optimum health. He serves as the executive director of the Consumer Wellness Research Center and is author of several books about health and nutrition, including The Five Soft Drink Monsters and Superfoods For Optimum Health. In his spare time, Adams engages in pilates, cycling, strength training, gymnastics and comedy improv training. In the technology industry, Adams is president and CEO of a well known email marketing software company.

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In the latest assault on school vending machines, pediatricians are recommending a ban on soda and fruit drinks. Vending machines should sell only real fruit and vegetable juices, water and low-fat white and flavored milk, the American Academy of Pediatrics said in a new policy statement. Twenty percent of adolescent boys drink at least four soft drinks a day, the academy said. Moreover, the more soft drinks kids consume, the less milk they drink, putting them at risk later on for osteoporosis. Fast-food lovers consume more fats, sugars and carbohydrates and fewer fruits and non-starchy vegetables than kids who don''t eat fast food, the study found.


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