The way to beat the economic downturn is……..

The way to beat the economic downturn is……..


These are testing times for all of us the whole world over. Depression slows us all down, makes us uncertain, hesitant and, worst of all we stay in our comfort zones and let things get worse.

Confidence is the result of your own personal self development. That’s why I recommend the…….

Personal Development Tips Guide

Here is My Testimony

Does Personal Development Tips work? You bet it does. Let me share my story with you.

3 years age I as working in a dead end job in a finance department. Being in my late fifties the future did not look rosy especially with retirement staring me in the face. I decided to do something and quickly.

I went to the library, on line to Google, Yahoo and so on. I found all the info I could, worked on a strategy. I decided on a plan of action – concentrating on boosting my low esteem, flagging confidence, as well as overcoming the negative aspects of my life.

The results were spectacular: 9 months after implementing my plan I was promoted to head up my own department, working directly under the Chairman. 12 months later I moved on and worked as a consultant (working only 2 – 3 days a week for much more money!).

What about the other 2 days of the week? Well, building on my new found confidence and planning techniques, I tried ecommerce (designing my web sites, newsletters, eBay, etc). This very quickly became successful (this really is the most enjoyable and profitable way of spending what I call my ‘private’ time).

Life became great, I worked the hours I wanted and was my own boss. Money was no longer the great worry it once was. The bonus was that I could spend more time with family and friends, holidays, etc.

Later on, an idea came to me (after having had one of the best business days of the year). Why not share my ideas with other people who may be in the same position I once was? This led to the launch of the Personal Development Tips guide.

Remember the question I first asked: “does Personal Development Tips work?” – In my case, the answer is a definite YES. This can and will do the same for YOU because the Personal Development Tips guide is fully laid out to explain how, step by step.

All the best to you,

Richard Field